Myra Alton

Myra Alton

Myra Alton, CRNP

Children's of Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

My daughter had to have a tonsillectomy due to a growth she had appear on her tonsil. The doctor had never seen this type of growth before, so not only was I concerned about my 2 year old having surgery, I was concerned not knowing what this growth was. I work in the healthcare field so I am aware of the negative outcomes with even "routine" procedures, so I was extremely nervous.

Upon Myra walking into our pre-op room, I had a sense of peace come over me as soon as she greeted my daughter, husband, and me with the biggest smile. Throughout talking to her, she made us feel as if our daughter was her #1 priority, as if she were her own. She even got her a toy to distract her during the separation transition. My daughter took to her immediately and walked back to the OR with her without question.

I feel as if Myra deserves recognition for her uncanny ability to bring a sense of peace to parents who are going through a difficult time. I knew my daughter was in the best hands and that is the best gift you can give a parent. Myra is definitely a valuable asset to Children's.