Molamma Mathew

Molamma Mathew, RN

Gwinnett Medical Centers: Lawrenceville and Duluth
Lawrenceville, Georgia
United States

One evening in February my husband suffered a stroke and was in the hospital for several days. He was transferred to St Joe's only because his vascular surgeon and cardiologist practiced there. While we were in Duluth, we had wonderful care from everyone. There was one who stood out from the rest. And I am eager to be able to express how much we appreciated not only her expertise but her loving care.

I wish to tell you how much we appreciated having Molamma Mathew take care of my husband. She always had a cheerful manner and took time to explain what was happening and what and when tests would be done. We had a greater knowledge of his condition and his improvement. She is so efficient but never rushed away when we had questions or concerns. I hated to leave her behind when we went to St. Joe's.

I mentioned to her that she was born to be a nurse. She broke into a huge smile and said she loved her job. That love showed through every minute she was with us. God blessed us with an almost complete recovery for my husband. I think that is due not only to his good doctors and a successful surgery, but also to the loving care from Molamma.