Mini Gopalakrishab

Mini Gopalakrishab, RN

UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

I would like to describe the extra ordinary attributes I have experienced as a patient under this wonderful nurse's care. I was assigned to Mini while struggling with necrotizing fasciitis. She came in professional yet compassionate and empathetic with my every need. She was never far and I never had to wait for medications for pain when she cared for me. She is aware of any need I have and was willing to go above and beyond her job description. She is a positive employee and role model. I observed her going the extra mile to help a coworker as well. I have family staying with me and she always made them feel comfortable too. I feel strongly stating my recovery was helped along by her smile and compassion. I looked for her to come in when she was not assigned as my nurse because her disposition has carried me along the way. Her positive approach, her smile and intellect has speeded my healing as a I struggle with my health issues.