Mike Middleton

Mike Middleton

Mike Middleton, RN, BSN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
University of Louisville Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
I remain in awe the way my family and I were treated during this time.

When I arrived to work at University Hospital, I found out that my 64-year old sister had just been intubated. Last year, my sister had been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease. She let me know that she was not going to do dialysis. My sister was admitted to the Medical Intensive Care Unit 6 West.

I have been in healthcare for 43 years and seen much over the years. But I have never witnessed such kindness given to my sister and my family. The compassion, the gentleness, and professionalism shown to me, my family and sister during this time was way more than any “thank you” can give. We ultimately withdrew care and my sister deceased a few hours later.

Mike was her nurse during this time. The care he provided speaks so much of his character, as in taking his hand and gently brushing her hair back. That small gesture remains in my mind and is precious to me. Just the way, Mike physically moved S, so gentle, so kind; this made an immense impression upon my family. I remain in awe the way my family and I were treated during this time. Everyone on this unit is unbelievable. The MICU will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you, Mike, for your care and compassion. You are an extraordinary nurse.