Michelle Mathews

Michelle Mathews

Michelle Mathews, AS

Upstate University Hospital Health System
Syracuse, New York
United States

On January 23, my husband N, had to rush our 23 month year old son, V to the ER at Chenango Memorial Hospital in Norwich, NY. N received a phone call explaining V had an abnormal blood result from the lab completed an hour early. The doctor informed my husband that V needed to go to the emergency room immediately. Luckily, I work in the hospital and was able to meet them down stairs upon arrival. I could see the frantic look on my husband's face. I remained calm, but knew in my heart my son was a diabetic. During the past few weeks, V was showing signs. He was drinking and wetting more than usual. I was truly hoping I was just over reacting due to my family's history with the disease. (Both my father and nephew have Type 1.) The ER doctor informed us that V's blood glucose level was in the 700's and confirmed what we feared. V had onset diabetes.

I had a flood of emotions. Overwhelmed, sadness, guilt, exhaustion and worry fill my head. We are expecting our second son in June. Not only was I concerned for V, but also wondering if his brother would have a higher chance of developing this disease. That night, V and I were transported to Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital, while my husband followed the ambulance. It was a long drive. When we arrived, the staff were welcoming and helful, but I must say, Saturday and Sunday made all the difference. We had the privelage of having Michelle Mathews as our Nurse. We PROUDLY nominate her for the Daisy award.

Every interaction that my husband, myself and V encountered with Michelle that made this transition easier. She demonstrated such love, concern and patience. I remember feeling overwhelmed. Not only was I tired from lack of sleep, I was 5 months pregnant and had a terrible head cold. Michelle made me feel at ease reassuring me that I can do this. She was very knowledgeable and informative. Michelle gave my husband and me confidence in testing my child's blood sugar and administering the insulin injection. Michelle was awesome with V. She would get down at eye level to speak to my son. V doesn't normally take well to strangers, but the bond that they formed in such a short time was truly amazing. Although, Michelle seemed busy at times, she still took the time to check in with us and take V for a walk. He willingly put his hand up to hold her hand. It was so sweet.

It has been almost 5 weeks since my son left the hospital and he still remembers Michelle. He'll say, "Chell, nurse in hopital, me lub her!" (Michelle, nurse in the hospital, I love her) You can clearly see the love and passion she has for her job. Michelle should be recognized for her care because I am not sure how our experience would have been without her. Words can not express how grateful we are for having her as our Nurse for 2 days. Future parents, children and staff will be very lucky to have Michelle Mathews by their side.