Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox, RN

Women's Services
Davis Regional Medical Center
Statesville, North Carolina
United States
I saw the love Michelle had for my son and the compassion for me and my wife.

My son was born early this year and his birth was very traumatic.  He was in the NICU for three days after being rushed there right after birth.  I followed him directly to the NICU and immediately knew my son was in the best possible care from the start.  Michelle was as concerned as I was and was able to ease my mind and allow me to focus on my wife, who also had a traumatic delivery and had very serious issues after birth. 

Michelle was dedicated to keeping me updated and level headed.  She treated my son as if he was her own.  The fact that I knew he was in the best possible care eased my mind and allowed me to stay focused, and she reassured me that not only would my son be ok, but my wife would push through. 

She allowed us to visit and be with our son whenever we wished.  She also explained our situation in a calm and rational manner.  She explained the hurdles we might face and the battle we had to fight.  But what was so special was that it wasn't my battle or my wife's battle or my son's battle.  It was her battle as well.  I saw the love she had for my son and the compassion for me and my wife. I honestly would have lost it if not for Michelle Fox. She kept us intact and focused with her positive attitude and her skill set. 

From the bottom of my heart and soul, I will be forever grateful for her and never forget the love and dedication she had for our angel.