Michelle Foster
February 2016
4th Floor North Tower
Hardin Memorial Hospital
United States




I only had the honor of knowing Michelle for just a few days and during those times every moment was special.  I had a near death experience and was starting a slow climb to recovery when Michelle started taking care of me.  I was scared, confused and unsure of my future but Michelle was always there.  We laughed and cried and she reminded me that I am a survivor and that I would get back to normal with time and with God’s help. 

The last time I saw Michelle she hugged me and we cried – not because we were sad but because we knew I’d be ok.  I left Michelle with this final thought – a little known fact – that no matter how dark and gloomy a day may seem, the sun will shine at least one time every day.  I told her that statement would give me the opportunity to stop and think of her because she was a real ray of sunshine to me.  Thanks Michelle and God bless you!