Melissa Greco

Melissa Greco, RN

Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital. When Melissa came in and saw the dozens of bright colorful pictures on the wall she realized how much I love to draw. She told me about an art kit I could borrow from 6 Schiedt. She also told me about the patient next door to my grandfather. He was originally from Haiti and he didn't have anything on the walls to brighten them up. She suggested that I make a bright drawing to put on his wall. I drew an island like Haiti and I got to go in to give the patient my picture. He loved it and since then I have drawn him a second picture. I have also gotten to know the patient and his son and they are both really nice.

When I ran out of wall space for all my drawings I asked Melissa if I could hang some on the ceiling. Sensibly she said no but she came up with a great idea instead. She suggested that I hang lots of drawings off of an IV pole. Then we could put the pole up really high. The pole would touch the ceiling and be almost like a mobile. I worked on it until I finished. When I was done, I showed my grandfather and he loved it. It brightens up his room even more than all the pictures!

Melissa is a great nurse. She is super energetic and she has made my visit to the hospital very meaningful.

AH, AGE 11