Melissa Genik

Melissa Genik, RN

Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center
Sun City West, Arizona
United States

...Melissa continues to shine and demonstrate her position in a way that is role modeling and example setting. She is a pure natural at what she does and she is always displaying patient centered, compassionate care to all her patients and their families. Melissa is the most warm hearted nurse and overall individual I have ever met. She is always opened armed and ready for a hug to and from all her patients. Melissa daily sits down and takes the time to one on one to get to know her patients on a personal level and grows a memorable connection with them. She is respectful, communicates effectively and promotes teamwork all around her daily. Melissa is always willing to expand her knowledge and grow in her field to become a better nurse every day. Melissa is performance driven; outcome focused, and has a bubbly and energetic energy that is contagious to her patients and coworkers.

No matter how stressful the day is, her patient load, what floor she is on, or an unfamiliar situation she is always overcoming the issue with a smile and an open educated mind. Melissa always manages to calm down the most upset of patients and families and listens to their thoughts and feelings in the most effective way I have ever seen. When I see Melissa walk onto the floor in the morning for a new day I am thrilled to know I am working with her and I already know it is going to be a good day. Melissa is always willing to help out every member of the team no matter how busy she is and what needs to be done. I look up to Melissa completely as a model of how to be an amazing nurse. I only hope I am one day as great as a nurse as Melissa. Melissa truly does care about the connection and care she gives her patients and the relationship she makes with her coworkers. Melissa is making a positive impact on someone's life.