Melissa Eubank

Melissa Eubank

Melissa Eubank, RN

Holy Cross Hospital (MD)
Silver Springs, Maryland
United States

Mrs. S contacted Holy Cross Health Foundation earlier in the year to make a donation in honor of her husband who had just recently passed away. With the loss still very new, Mrs. S called to make the donation, but ended up needing to talk as well about her husband, her experience, and the incredible care they received from everyone who worked with him during his stay.

Mrs. S couldn't stop talking about one person, a nurse, who went out of her way to make sure the they were taken care of and comfortable. In our conversation, and the conversations that followed, I learned that it was Melissa Eubank, a nurse in the Intermediate Care Unit, who had shown such incredible compassion and wisdom during this difficult time.

Mrs. S continues to say that Melissa has shown a spirit wise beyond her years, knowing enough to pay attention to and respond to the most important things-some of which were never said. In the end, it was Melissa who sat with the her as her husband passed away. She doesn't know what she would have done without Melissa. As she has said many times, it is the "memories of him and the care he received" that brings her comfort.