Melissa Bickerstaff

Melissa Bickerstaff

Melissa Bickerstaff, RN

Labor & Delivery
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
Albany, Georgia
United States
Melissa kept encouraging me as I struggled to breathe. She focused entirely on me as the room was buzzing with action.

I came in on a Tuesday due to hypertension at 36 weeks pregnant. On Thursday, I was still here but no baby. I started to become medically unstable at some point and my room was engulfed by nurses, doctors, and my family. I remember feeling very ill and had a difficult time breathing. My husband and mother attempted to comfort me but to no avail. I saw fear in their eyes so I started to panic and pray myself. I think my praying distracted me from breathing correctly and this wonderful angel appeared. She got very close to my face and told me to breathe. They had turned me in a position to help get oxygen to the baby that had me facing the window. This nurse got down in my face and told me that everything was okay with a sincere and deep stare that made me believe it. I don’t remember much of what she said. I think she was keeping me informed and telling me about myself and the baby’s status on the monitor. I remember looking into her eyes and not seeing fear and trusting that. She told me to breathe and that I was going to be fine. She kept encouraging me as I struggled to breathe. She focused entirely on me as the room was buzzing with action. I don’t remember much after that point except her eyes and her telling me that my baby and I were going to be okay. When I woke up from my C-section, I learned that my daughter was stable in the NICU. In the following days, I asked my family members and other nurses about that particular nurse so I could thank her, but nobody knew the name of that specific nurse. All I knew was that she had different looking, but pretty eyes and she was my angel nurse who helped me breathe and pray at the same time instead of just praying. After 4 days, I went without knowing her name and after 5 days, my daughter was discharged also. Life went on and I started to think that I had dreamed on this angel eyed nurse or it was an awesome side effect of the drugs.

Two years later, I was standing in the line at Starbucks at Phoebe Main and I saw those same eyes again. When I saw Melissa, she was talking to another nurse and I immediately knew it was her. Her hair was darker but it was her. I had to stop her and tell her how much she helped me that day. She asked about my daughter and we shared a conversation while viewing pictures of my daughter. I think I gave her at least two hugs and I am not a “hug person”!

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Melissa. I am confident that her actions on that day for me (and probably countless other women) make her a true DAISY Nurse.