Melissa Barajas

Melissa Barajas, RN

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center
Webster, Texas
United States
I don't know who they called but by 2 AM with the help of Melissa and the charge nurse my Mom was moved into my Dad's room.

I am going to tell you a story. I am sorry to say it does not have a happy ending but it is a great love story with an unlikely hero.

On December 31, 2015 my parents were in a serious car accident in Pasadena. My Mom had to be cut from the car and both she and my Dad had pretty severe injuries. My Mom came directly to ICU at Clear Lake Regional Hospital and my Dad was moved to ICU on January 2nd. I asked if there was any chance of my parents getting to see each other since they had not since the accident. I was told probably not and discouraged from pursuing it. Our family was sad that the last time they'd seen each other was being taken aware from the wreck in separate ambulances. We wanted them to be able to be together during such a scary time in their lives.

One nurse suggested a Facetime on our mobile phones. We did this but it was not quite the same. I met Melissa on January 2nd; she was the nurse taking care of my Mom. We chatted a couple of times and I shared with her that my parents had been married for 68 years. She later told me that it made her cry when I told her that.

On January 4th at about 1 AM my Mother told me "I have to see your Daddy". It was out of the blue and she felt very passionate about seeing him. I spoke with Melissa and asked if this was possible. She was compassionate and understood how important this request was. Instead of telling us it probably wasn't possible, Melissa went and spoke with the charge nurse. The charge nurse also spoke with me. I was told they would have to make some phone calls.

I don't know who they called but by 2 AM with the help of Melissa and the charge nurse my Mom was moved into my Dad's room. They held hands and said "I love you". My Mom stayed in my Dad's room until about 6 AM. My father passed away about 9 AM and my mom passed the next day.

I am certain there were some protocols and SOP broken, but Melissa brought some peace and closure to a family that was having a pretty rough time. My parents' time together that night was the bittersweet ending to their great love story. I truly hope that Melissa is recognized for all she did to help my parents. I know she's a hero, especially in my family's eyes.