Melissa Arena

Melissa Arena, RN

Labor and Delivery
Summerville Medical Center
Summerville, South Carolina
United States

When I got to Summerville Medical in labor, I arrived alone without family as everyone was at work. Within 45 minutes of my water breaking at 37 weeks, I was already feeling the pressure to push before I even made it up to the 2nd floor let alone the change to get registered. When I arrived on the 2nd floor I knew it wouldn't be much longer. Melissa came into the room reading and listening to all my concerns. She assured me everything would go fine and that baby and I were going to be ok. I progressed from 5cm to 10 cm in less than a 5 minute period. I kept telling everyone in the room baby wasn't waiting. As soon as I stressed to Melissa I felt the baby coming out, she didn't hesitate and sprang into action and talked me through two of the hardest pushes in my life! Two pushes later, my baby daughter was here. I never would have felt so strong and confident without Melissa there! She is absolutely wonderful.