Melinda Vorpahl
December 2017
Resource Team
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




The hours following my sinus surgery should have been some of the most stressful hours of my life. It was my first time having major surgery and even more nerve-wracking, my first time in an ICU. However, these hours proved to be much easier than I assumed. I can honestly say, with full confidence, that this is due to my wonderful nurse, Melinda. Melinda has many qualities that contribute to not only her nursing skills but also her inviting personality. Melinda is patient, kind, and very easy to talk to. She recognized my dislike for anything having to do with needles and engaged in a conversation to make the process easier. Seeing as I remember finding out that we are both twins and not how much the IV was hurting proves she knows how to do her job. Melinda's sense of humor also added to my ability to ignore my less than relaxing surroundings. We shared stories about both being twins and the commonalities between the stories kept me very entertained.
It's not often you find someone with an innate ability to turn a rather poor situation into a good one. Melinda's delightful personality made my time at UCLA feel like anything but a normal hospital visit. The first thing I told my kids when I came home was how I was amazed at Melinda's ability to take me out of the hospital environment mentally, and to make me feel safe and comfortable. In addition, Melinda's skill level, confidence, and devotion to her job are quite notable. She went the extra mile in facilitating my prescription solution. I was also humbled and honored to be served by someone who already does so much for our country in the army reserve. I am grateful to have been in the presence of such an accomplished and honorable person. Melinda is not only an extraordinary nurse but an extraordinary human being.