Megan Law

Megan Law, RN, BSN

Transplant & ICARE
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Megan Law
7B, Transplant & ICARE

January, 2010
I am nominating Megan Law for the Daisy Award not because of one specific event, but more for her constant compassion and care she puts into her work every day. I cannot tell you how many days I have come in and taken over her patients at change of shift and have been told over and over by the families and patients how much they loved having her for their nurse. For some it’s her humor that makes them feel comforted and at home in the hospital, others it’s her attention to the small details that to others would have looked over in their rush. I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions her seated with a mother listening intently as the mother vents about her sadness and stress over her child’s complicated course, sometimes sitting for an hour, but being a shoulder to lean on for that parent when they needed it the most. She is always one to help a family despite whether it’s her patient or not. She is always there to help another nurse when they feel overwhelmed, or provide guidance for a novice nurse. She has on several occasions been a fearless patient advocate, never hesitating to go to battle for a patient whom she felt needed specific attention. She never hesitates to question a physician whose outlook was not in the best interest of the patient, or to go above the resident, to the attending, when patient safety was an issue. It is not one act in a nurse’s career that makes them extraordinary, it’s their never wavering commitment every day. It is her passion and her love for her patients that makes Megan a Daisy Nurse.
August, 2010:
I am writing in regards to an extraordinary nurse from 7B, whose name is Megan Law. Unit 6A received a transplant patient from the ED with a very significant past medical history who was being admitted for fevers and respiratory distress. The report we received from the ED only heightened our already increased anxiety and wariness of this admission. I called and spoke with the7B charge nurse (Megan) who not only graciously provided us with a thorough and detailed report, but stated she would come and assist in admitting this patient on our floor. Megan spoke with the family (who knew her and loved her) and then spent a great deal of time explaining the patient’s history and medications. She informed the transplant PA of the patient’s admission to our floor and then reviewed the MAR to ensure the appropriate meds were ordered.

After settling the patient, Megan returned to 7B, but called several times to assure the nurse was comfortable with the patient. When the nurse had questions regarding how to change the patient’s ostomy, Megan tubed down many ostomy supplies and detailed hand-written instructions so that the nurse would know how the patient’s mother routinely change the ostomy at home.

I can not begin to describe how impressed and touched I was to have Megan there of us. She is a great example of what is to be an extraordinary nurse. Everything she did was selfless and for the benefit of the patient. She exhibited what it is to be a true “team player” and assisted her fellow colleagues. The 6A staff that was on last night can not say thank you enough!