Megan Franz

Megan Franz, RN

2G Surgical Unit
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States

...Upon being admitted to my room I was little bit scared and confused about my situation here. I mean who isn't when they find out they are going to have to stay overnight in the hospital due to being ill? Just when I thought things could not get any worse the door opened and in came a nurse.

I could tell right away from our first interaction that this nurse cared for more than just hospital policy and procedure. She made sure I was informed, comfortable, and took the extra time to walk me thru everything. Megan Franz made me feel as though I was staying at a 5 star hotel not just a hospital. Megan catered to my every need and want as if I was part of her immediate family.

I know now St. Joe's is where I will always come for any procedure because Megan made my experience here a better one because of her care and compassion for me.


Megan is an extremely compassionate and caring nurse. She was very attentive to my needs and it was just a blessing to be so lucky to have her care for me. Nurses like Megan really make your stay enjoyable.