Megan Alley
August 2020
Cardiology- Heart Failure Educator
Sentara Albemarle Medical Center
Elizabeth City
United States




Megan has grown from a young new grad into a blossoming leader in the last 4 years in Cardiology. She took on her new role and has grown the role immensely. With great determination, she expanded the HF patient volume- taking outpatients, initiating nurse-driven consults, and improving the hospital HF readmissions rate from 23% to 19.29%-meeting our goal of 21.2% so far this year! Megan has also been tasked with screening candidates for Cardiomems. She has met with local office staff and teamed up with their resources to get candidates approved for this life-lengthening procedure that also increases our department revenue! One patient, CN, required much support to make the brave decision to have the cardiomems procedure. Megan spent many hours on the phone with CN and her daughter answering questions and guiding them through the pre-auth process. Then her COVID test was contaminated and had to be repeated- the resistant patient received tons of support from Megan and she came back to get the repeat COVID test and got the Cardiomems.

Another patient's family member called Megan after discharge stating that Megan had been the only one during their family member's stay who explained things. They asked could they come back and meet Megan to talk more. Megan agreed and they brought her flowers.

On another day in March, Megan did an HF consult on a patient who coded and passed. Megan ran to the room when she heard the code and stayed with the family for support. They were so grateful that they have remained in contact with Megan to this day. As an amazing HF nurse, Megan has grown the procedural business as well developed a rapport with patients that will grow SAMC's reputation in the community. Not to mention how great of a wing woman she is to our team. Our newest hire said, "She is the nicest person I have met here."

Another instance where Megan was extraordinary came when a patient's wife called her out of the blue to thank her and get more HF information because her husband was being discharged from an SNF. Megan talked with the wife and set up a time for her to meet at the main entrance to give the wife a baggie of information and HF tools. The wife was so grateful for Megan's kindness and time, she brought her a bouquet of flowers when she came. Megan is making such an impact on her patients every day!