Meg Galloway

Meg Galloway, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN

ED and Nursing Professional Development
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

Meg was my nurse on a Thursday morning, and she changed the way I view ER nurses from the moment she entered my room. Always in the past I have been accustomed to the nurses in the ER just coming in and telling me what they were going to do and what I was supposed to do, without even introducing themselves or asking me how I felt. I was sitting on the edge of the stretcher in my room holding a pillow up to my head to shield my eyes from the light. I was suffering from a migraine. Meg knocked at the door, quietly entered when I asked her in, and introduced herself. Then she told me she could tell I was feeling pretty bad, but they were going to do everything they could to try to help me feel better.

She talked with me about why I was there, and then told me the plan of care. She then asked me to change into a gown while she went for a warm blanket. Within minutes she was back with the blanket. She did her exam, including a neurological check, and offered reassurance. One of my friends from work came to check on me while Meg was preparing to insert my INT. Meg was kind and polite to her as well, never making me or my friend feel hurried while my friend took a few moments to offer prayer and support.

Meg inserted the INT with such expertise that it was almost painless. She even drew my labs from the site to prevent me from having a separate lab stick. She checked in on me at regular intervals and answered my call promptly, when I needed her. I have never received such exceptional care in the ER before. I hope Meg's example is the new standard of care by which all of their staff members are measured. Please take all these fine qualities into account, and give her a DAISY Award, as she is truly a worthy recipient.


I just want to let you know how awesome Meg is I don't want to sound biased because I consider her my friend, but she is everybody's friend in the department. Meg does a lot for this department, and I know that our management recognizes this. She has achieved a lot through the years, but I don't want to recognize her for all the projects she is involved in or all the certifications she has received. What I want you to know is how great a person she is, and what a huge asset she is to this department. Her personality is what is so special about her! She is always smiling and has a great attitude. Meg is super friendly and makes everybody feel welcomed.

A couple of months ago, my husband met me for lunch; and I gave him a quick tour of the ED. When we were walking through, Meg came around the corner, all bright-eyed with a smile on her face; and I introduced her. She was all excited to meet him and came over and gave him a big hug! That is just who she is (I would probably never give anybody I just met a hug)! The other day, my husband and I were talking about work, and he asked me who that red-headed nurse was that gave him a hug. I told him that was Meg; and he was like, "Oh yeah, she's my favorite!" It's just hard not to love her!

When we have meetings with other member hospitals or even going to an out-of-hospital review course in Greenville, she is literally the life of the party. This morning we had just gotten to the Corporate Building to get ready to teach the I-View class. I was getting the coffee pot ready for class and wanted to tell Meg something. Her book bag was sitting by her desk, but no sign of Meg. Ten minutes went by and still no sign of her. I really wanted to talk to her before class started. I walked to the bathroom, and there she was, talking with an Information Technology lady in the bathroom and laughing up a storm.

She just leaves an impression on everybody she interacts with. I have seen her take care of her patients; and she is such a smart, compassionate nurse and a great patient advocate. I have also learned a lot from her, especially working together with I-View redesigns over the past couple of years. Not all the time, but sometimes I have days where I feel like the glass is half-empty, and I would definitely describe Meg as the glass half-full. She makes me want to be that glass half-full! She always has that can-do attitude! I'm writing this because I have seen Meg do so much good, even when people are not looking.

I really enjoy teaching classes with her. She has really taught me to have that can-do attitude and be that glass half-full. I have seen her truly stand up for what is right, what is best practice, and what she believes in. She is such a great role model. I feel that I have really learned a lot from her on how to deal with people in difficult situations. She always inspires me to do better! From a co-worker's perspective, she is definitely deserving of the DAISY Award!