McKenzie McAdaragh

McKenzie McAdaragh

McKenzie McAdaragh, RN

Gen Med
UnityPoint Health - Des Moines
Des Moines, Iowa
United States

From McKenzie's patient:

McKenzie came to my room and asked if I needed anything. I told her about having trouble with my 19-year-old son. He and his girlfriend had been getting in trouble at his friend's, his Mom's and his Grandmother's home. They were told not to come back to Lutheran. I told McKenzie that I am trying to get sober and can't handle this. She was very understanding and said if I needed anything just call.

From McKenzie's Manager:

The patient above had been on 3 East for almost three weeks and had been dealing with some very difficult situations. What he needed most was compassion, good communication and patience. McKenzie did a great job providing him that care and taking the time to listen. He shared with me that she listened and helped him talk through some of his frustrations in a nonjudgmental way. He really appreciated this.