Maureen Weiss
August 2020
Neuro Intensive Care
Capital Health Regional Medical Center
United States




My brother came in through the Emergency Room where Maureen Weiss was his nurse. My brother ended up having a massive stroke and coding where Maureen also responded to the code and then he was moved to the Neuro ICU where he stayed for a few days until his passing. This was sudden and traumatic for our family.

The staff at the hospital really was exceptional and understanding. While there were so many people that touched us during our stay with compassion, understanding, knowledge, and professionalism, I must highlight Maureen.

Not only did she meet and care for him while he was awake and alert, but she also was then a nurse on the floor where he was moved, and she continued to follow up with us and visit with my brother or check-in to see how we were holding up. This is just not the norm, not her job and not even her normal floor assignment but we were blessed to find her each day there with a smile and a hug if needed. This is a nurse that went above and beyond in every sense of the way.

Caring and compassion are Maureen's strongest qualities as you could feel her love, understanding, and compassion in the care that she provided. She is the nurse you wish for in any situation as you could see her pride and love for the job that she does. She makes a difference and even in the most difficult of times she made a difference in my brother and family's lives and is a true advocate for the profession and model of what we feel a nurse should be. She is kind and gentle, she lends a warm hand and heart and her bedside manner was Stellar!

Maureen showed so much compassion and care not only towards my brother who was a patient but to our family while dealing with a sudden health emergency that was not expected or favorable. Maureen provided care, shared smiles, tears, and knowledge.

Many nurses can go about their day and never make these personal connections, however, the personal connections we received by having Maureen touch our stay each day made all the difference in the world in a scary environment and situation. Maureen was truly an angel that met and embraced my family. We just feel we can't say enough positive things about Maureen.

Nursing is all about care, passion, and sympathy. Maureen is the nurse that just does all that she can. She understood what the family was going through and needing. She would explain why something was being done or what was considered normal or not. She kept us grounded, however understood our wide range of emotions.

We would like to thank the Staff in the Neuro ICU as they were all wonderful and exceptional and thank them for all they have done. Thank you for allowing us to raise Maureen Weiss as an exceptional nurse and caregiver who will say she was simply doing her job but to us, it was so much more. We were lucky and blessed to have her touch our lives and you at the hospital are lucky to have a wonderful, talented nurse such as her as an employee and colleague.