Matthew Sour

Matthew Sour

Matthew Sour, RN

CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier
Shreveport, Louisiana
United States
I believe Matthew saved my life.

Matthew is a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. He exemplifies compassionate care and is a role model on the unit. He is an inspiring team leader and has the respect of his co-workers. Matthew works well under high pressure and handles situations that arise with ease. He is caring and exhibits a fun attitude going out of his way to take the very best care of his patients. He is a team player who steps up to the plate and pushes our team for success.


I was a patient at the hospital for 31 days, 16 of those days I was on Matthew’s floor. I would like to commend the entire staff for their care and compassion, but at this time I especially want to recognize my nurse, Matthew. He was training a new nurse, and I immediately admired his patience and knowledge that he willingly shared with her.

On one particular day, Matthew’s years of experience really came through. He did not like the numbers he was seeing regarding my condition, and he set me up for a CT scan for me. A tech took me down, but the CT tech was expecting another patient and was going to send me back to my room. Matthew told the CT tech he needed me to go before the other patient he had originally scheduled, and he won the discussion. I received a CT scan and within an hour or so, my surgeon was in my room explaining to me that we were going back in for a second surgery around midnight. I spent the next 5 days in ICU and then was moved back to Matthew’s floor for another ten days before moving to the Physical Therapy facility. Matthew stopped by to visit me, and I told him I believed he saved my life. He wouldn't take credit for that, but I sincerely believe his experience, insightfulness, and genuine concern for his patient did save me.