Matthew Culbreth

Matthew Culbreth

Matthew Culbreth, BSN, RN

Baptist Health Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Matt has an ability to make people feel like he is part of your family, rather than just the nurse.

My husband, G, was admitted to Baptist Health Hospital for a Brain Aneurysm.  G and I reside in Atlanta and his Aneurysm occurred while G was driving through Louisville, headed back home from work as a truck driver.  I got a call from a 911 operator relaying the news while G was kept on the phone line on the other end. Our daughters were in the back seat, ages 12 and 11, and were instantly startled and shaken by what they overheard the 911 operator relaying to me. I had pull over to digest what was being told to me.

When I got to the hospital I was introduced to various nurses on several shifts who were able to assist G based on his needs toward recovery.  At the time of this writing, my husband is still in the hospital but looking better than when we first arrived. This entire ordeal has been stressful for our entire family and friends as well as our children, who we had to leave back home with family to continue their schooling.

Out of this entire ordeal, I would like to recommend one nurse who stands out the most and his name is Matt Culbreth. Matt seems genuinely concerned with what is happening with my husband by asking questions that I would ask myself.  Matt is not only caring for G but he is talking about sports, telling us about himself and making this overall experience comfortable.  Matt has an ability to make people feel like he is part of your family, rather than just the nurse.

Matt is very professional, provides me with any information I ask for and shows up almost immediately or makes sure to send someone else in his absence when he is busy or unavailable.  If anyone should get a DAISY Award, I would hope that it would be someone who truly gives their all, shows compassion and appreciates their job. All those qualities lead to Matt. I hope I am not the first person to recognize him and if he remains here, I am sure not to be the last.

Thank you, Matt, for doing such a wonderful job.  We see you, as you continue to uplift people by your small acts of kindness.