Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson, RN

Surgical Unit
Vidant Beaufort Hospital
Washington, North Carolina
United States
My mom's smile told the story when Matthew stopped by to see her. It didn't matter how weak or poorly she felt but a smile would appear on her face.

I write this on behalf of my mother whom recently passed away after failing health over several months.

My mother lived on her own and had taken care of herself until a health event sent her to the local ED and resulted in a six-day hospitalization.  She eventually went through 2 rehab stays and two more hospitalizations before going home on hospice care.  She maintained orientation and capacity up to the day she went home.  During these hospitalizations, she met a relatively new RN, Matthew Anderson, who has started his nursing career at Vidant Beaufort.  Matthew befriended my mom as a patient but more so as a person.  He repeatedly asked about her, offered assistance to the family, even off duty, and offered assistance to her.  Matthew’s caring persona allows him to connect with his patients.  His conversations are directed to the patient and always includes the family as applicable.  My mom's smile told the story when Matthew stopped by to see her.  It didn't matter how weak or poorly she felt but a smile would appear on her face.  Due to Matthew’s genuine caring attitude and the care also showed by his wife, who is also a Vidant employee, Mom became to appreciate their friendship.  Matthew, his wife and other team members and their families showed their support during the Christmas holidays by visiting the rehab center in which she was staying to share Christmas joy by caroling to her and the residents. The joy was appreciated by all. Matthew continued to offer any assistance for care while off duty and offered to sit if needed. I finally took him up on this offer in order to attend a personal obligation. Matthew sat with Mom on his day off without hesitation. Offers to make payment were declined. During his sitting, the hospital room was straightened including arranging cards, toileting items, health care items, the closet, etc. Everything was straight upon return. Again, offers to pay for services were declined. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Matthew had been approached to work, real work for OT, however, he kept his commitment to sit and still fill a unit shift need as soon as he could.

As the time came for Mom to go home, Matthew stopped by to visit her. Again, the smile. He took her hand and told her how much he enjoyed meeting her, caring for her, and how great she was. In return, she gave him the same appreciation, advice on continuing a great career in nursing, the rewards it would pay, the meaning of the family unit and to cherish his marriage and wife. She totally believed in the family unit.  At this time, we (the family) smiled. She was in her element of caring.

Thank you, Matthew, for your true caring, approach to the patient and for going beyond in your attitude and thoughtfulness.