Marye Albritton
August 2020
Labor and Delivery
Morton Plant Hospital
United States




We had an Antepartum patient at 29+ weeks admitted into Labor & Delivery at MPH and stayed with us through her delivery at 34 weeks due to health and OB complications. This long-term admission was extremely hard on this young (22 yr old) soon-to-be mom with not being allowed to have any visitors during this time, being bed-ridden, missing out on her baby shower at home, missing out on her maternity photoshoot, and all of the other Pandemic and Hospital restrictions. The patient was becoming stir crazy and frustrated and wanted to leave the hospital AMA. Two of our extraordinary team members, Marye Albritton (RN) and C took the opportunity to change this patient's mind of wanting to leave AMA that would ultimately risk both her and her baby's lives by creating a memorable experience this patient will never forget. Marye and C received permission from her OB doctor to do a "maternity photoshoot" down in the Serenity Garden and in her Labor Room (where she was quarantined for 4 weeks) at MPH. Both team members assisted with getting her clothes, doing her hair, makeup and nails, bringing in props, and then Marye brought in her camera to do the photoshoot. The patient was ecstatic, so happy to do the photoshoot, and have the pictures during this critical time. These two team members went above and beyond to create a sense of normalcy for this patient when everything around her was not normal. The patient did deliver a beautiful little girl weighing in at 3 pounds 11 oz at 34 weeks. Both she and the baby will remain with us in the NICU for a few more weeks until her baby girl is strong enough to go home.

I thought this extraordinary moment of Humanity was worth sharing with all of you!