MaryAnn Brandell

MaryAnn Brandell, RN

Labor and Delivery
Miami Valley Hospital

At the time this nomination is written, my daughter, Michelle has been at Miami Valley
Hospital for almost two weeks. The care she has received has been exceptional in every way. MaryAnn Brandell has gone beyond what was necessary to provide nursing care.

She has answered questions, explained how the babies are positioned, and even drew pictures for my daughter to better understand her situation. When Michele’s room was changed to another area, MaryAnn continued to greet us in the hall. It was such a
pleasure to see her. She kindly gave support and helped make clear the details of all that was happening. She helped us all feel stable and focused. In her calm manner she eased our frazzled minds. It is obvious that all her years of experience learning about moms and babies have been a joy for her. MaryAnn loves what she does in this hospital. She makes such a difference for her patients. She loves her job and we all benefit so dearly!