Mary Jo Aziz

Mary Jo Aziz

Mary Jo Aziz, RN

Florida Hospital Altamonte
Altamonte Springs, Florida
United States

This nurse should be recognized for her excellence for a variety of reasons.

It starts with something as simple as answering call lights and tending to the patients needs as the nurses are in report and leads to something as complex as a graduated nurse scared to drain a pleurex catheter for the first time. To guide and teach her, this nurse goes over the procedure with the GN before entering the patient’s room. They go in together and once there she provides support and steadies the GN’s hand during the procedure. With these gestures, this nurse builds confidence in the new nurse and confirms with the senior nurse that one can truly count on her. She is not only knowledgeable in nursing tasks and procedures; she is also familiar with Florida Hospital’s policies and protocols. She is relied upon as a great resource and the staff find that she is very approachable when questions and concerns arise during their shift. She is an asset to the Oncology unit in that she is familiar with even the most complex chemo regimens. She is a role model to the new nurses and as such, is often asked to precept and mentor them. She is involved in PPP at the CN-2 level, NPC co-chair, and is working toward her Bachelors Degree with an anticipated graduation in 2011. She is PCU and chemotherapy certified. She is active in planning community service projects through NPC and inspires so many others to get involved. She is not only considered a co-worker, she is a friend and leader. When this nurse is working as charge, one will often hear the staff nurses breathe a sigh of relief and say “No matter what happens tonight, it will still be a great shift”.

How does this nominee exhibit the Florida Hospital Mission, Vision and Values?

She illustrates the principles of Florida Hospital through her actions. She is friendly with all of the staff and has a very positive influence. She has the ability to stay calm and use her knowledge in stressful situations which helps the rest of the staff to do the same. For example, one particular patient was very anxious, scared, and wanted to leave AMA. This nurse helped to calm the patient and his family’s fears and concerns by listening and educating them about the importance of staying in the hospital at this time. She was able to create a positive patient experience for the patient by convincing him to stay in a safe environment to receive the treatment and care that he needed. During the patient’s stay, she frequently checked in with the patient and spoke with the family which in turn enriched the patient’s experience.

As co-chair on NPC, she is able to promote safety in a variety of ways. She helps to ensure that “our” beds do not leave the floor because once plugged in to the wall, our high fall risks bed alarms will ring at the front desk. During her shift as charge, one can always count on her to check in with each of the patients. This allows the patient to feel safe throughout the night and it also reminds the nurses that they have someone to turn to when in need. These type of actions enhance the work environment for everybody. She has affected everyone on our floor in a positive way whether it be through precepting us as we were just starting out or through her continued support as we grow.