Mary Jaegle

Mary Jaegle, RN

Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Peru, Illinois
United States

Mary Jaegle is a nurse on our Medical Floor. She is an outstanding nurse
and is frequently mentioned in our surveys. We had a husband and wife as
patients on our Medical Floor. They were in separate rooms due to the
nature of their illnesses. The husband became critically ill one night and
the team had to begin resuscitative measures. As soon as the Code Blue was
called, Mary went into the wife's room. The wife, being in the room next to
her husband, knew what was happening. Although the wife was not Mary's
assigned patient, she stayed with her, consoled her, and kept her updated as
to the progress being made in her husband's room. Unfortunately, we could
not save her husband. Mary stayed with the wife, cried with her, offered
words of solace, and just listened to what the wife had to say about her
husband's wonderful life. When the daughter arrived, she could not believe
that Mary was still with her Mother and had never left her side. Both
wanted to thank Mary for being such a compassionate nurse and one of the
staff recommended they nominate her for the DAISY Award.