Mary Gannon

Mary Gannon, RN, BSN

Nursing Informatics
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

DAISY Honoree: Mary Gannon
It is my pleasure to nominate Mary Gannon as a DAISY award nominee. Mary’s commitment and time to the success of the device integration product offering clearly has been stellar. Mary knows that the work she does helps patients get the right information to the nurses in practice at the bedside. Every time I see Mary and talk to her about her work with Wellspan, she gets “giddy” like so excited to tell you about all the happenings. It is my pleasure to nominate Mary for the DAISY award.
Roy .....
Roy L. Simpson, RN, C, DPNAP, FAAN
Vice President, Nursing
Cerner Corporation

We would also like to support the nomination of Mary Gannon as a DAISY award nominee. Mary has been at WellSpan's side through every stage of our Alpha Partnership. She exemplifies professionalism and partnership!! She has been here in times of crisis, arriving with her suitcase and a smile. We even joke about Mary buying a home in York because she is here so much! Mary has worked nights, weekends and has provided tremendous support and encouragement to our bedside nurses and to our informatics team. We are absolutely honored to have been a part of the Infusion Management Partnership and equally as honored to nominate our colleague and friend, Mary Gannon, for the DAISY award.