Mary Debroux

Mary Debroux

Mary Debroux, RN

Medical Unit
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

... Mary's patient made it a point to hand deliver her nomination to me as VP of Nursing at SFMC. His written words were heartfelt and touching however his spoken words were powerful. He explained how his 20 day stay at our facility was much less stressful due to the selfless actions of Mary. He complimented all the staff but explained how Mary went above and beyond the call of duty.

One example he cited was when he was emergently transferred to the OR due to a significant bleed Mary reassured him and explained what was happening and what he could expect. After placing a call to his wife explaining that she should come back to the hospital Mary made certain that she was not allowed pass the nursing station to see his empty room. Instead she was intercepted by the other team members and Mary gently explained what was happening, that he would be spending some time in ICU and that everything would be alright. This reassurance to both him and his wife meant the world to them.

Due to his medical condition the patient needed to come back for another procedure. Needless to say, they were going through much turmoil, but he and his wife took to time to come back to the hospital a day before his procedure to present the DAISY Award Pin to Mary and thank her in person.

The experience was moving and inspiring. Mary's kind, caring, and competent actions made such a difference in the lives of these two people.

Ann Kjosa, CNO