Mary Connor

Mary Connor

Mary Connor, BSN, RN-BC

Newport Hospital
Newport, Rhode Island
United States

Mary is an extraordinary nurse. She is very dedicated to her patients.

She anticipates their needs and takes the extra steps to address them. She works tirelessly from the time she arrives at work until her shift is over. She is always compassionate and kind to all her patients. I especially see this when she is caring for a terminally ill patient. Their comfort and needs are her top priority. She collaborates with the medical and nursing team to advocate for her patients. She can be observed doing the little things that make such a difference such as giving a dying patient a sip of water to quench their thirst or sitting with them so they are not alone. A soft touch or holding a patient's hand during a difficult time or final moments is one of the qualities that Mary possesses.

Mary is a team player. She'll change her shift if needed. She does this because her patients needs come first. Mary serves as a resource for the secretaries and new RN's and CNA's. Her opinion is of great importance to them. She shares her ideas with them and is the go to person on the unit.