Martin Romo

Martin Romo, RN

5th Floor Med/Surg
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center
Sacramento, California
United States

EXTRAODINARY NURSING - Submitted by a patient:
"I was admitted Friday, June 26th RE: Prostatitis, Acute. During the early morning
of Saturday, approx 3 am, I woke up soaked and wet, bedding all wet from
apparently a fever. Martin was called and he immediately gave me a bed bath, brief
massage, and replaced the bedding. He checked my vital areas etc. He stayed with
me the next hour or so to assure I was out of any danger. Martin was very
compassionate during this incident knowingly; I was concerned whether I was
having any serious problem. I am a congestive heart failure patient. An hour later, I
woke up again with the same wetness. Martin immediately repeated what he had
accomplished previously. Martin realized I was becoming very concern and began
asking all sort ofquestions what was going on in my body. Martin, with his RN
skills, experience and bed side manners, put me at ease. Martin's is credited with
making my recovery a pleasant one."