Marjorie Ashton

Marjorie Ashton

Marjorie Ashton, RM

Birth Centre
Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
Northampton, Northamptonshire
United Kingdom
When we moved Marj was with me every moment, to have her stay with me made me feel so safe and that my baby was safe.

Marj is an absolute guardian angel, there is no better way to describe her.

Her dedication and commitment to her role as a midwife, along with her kind and caring nature are just a few reasons why she deserves thanks and recognition.

I gave birth to my first baby recently.  I chose to use the birth centre instead of our local hospital due to the reviews and after a visit at 37 weeks, I was very excited.

Marj was my midwife who arrived after a shift change around 2 hours after my labour had begun in my room within the centre.  I immediately felt calm and comfortable with her there.  She was incredibly attentive and explained everything to me whilst I was having contractions to ease things and make me calm and focused.

Unfortunately, due to complications I was unable to deliver in the birth suite and had to be transferred to the labour ward, however, when this decision had to be made Marj was very clear of the reasons why and it always felt like it was my decision, she was just the trusted advisor.

When we moved Marj was with me every moment, to have her stay with me made me feel so safe and that my baby was safe.  Marj monitored me and my baby for 6 hours, constantly keeping me and my birth partners informed and at ease.

We had to eventually deliver in theatre, but again, Marj was there, holding my hand, telling me what and why things were happening and again, making me feel calm and safe.

At this point, her shift finished 2 hours prior, yet she was still with me and told me she was not going anywhere until my baby was born and I was sorted.  I have never heard of anyone willing to do this, it was more than I could have asked.

My mum was at the birth along with my husband, but she couldn’t come into the theatre, but Marj ensured she was okay and updated with the wellbeing of me and the baby.

I had to stay in overnight and Marj was back on shift that evening.  She came straight to see me and how we both were doing and she then moved me to her ward and continued to take care of me throughout the night – again.  I felt so safe with her around.

She also helped with breastfeeding advice, which was invaluable.

I honestly cannot put into words how amazing this lady was to me, my husband, my mum, but most importantly my baby and bringing him safely into the world.

I will never be able to thank her enough for the compassion, kindness, and care that she showed us all, she truly is a wonderful person that I will never forget.

She truly is an angel, she was my guardian angel and got me through my delivery in a positive light.