Marian Burke

Marian Burke

Marian Burke, RN

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

Marian Burke, Emergency Department, is an extraordinary nurse and demonstrates extraordinary care and compassion to all of her patients. She was the nurse for one of my family members one morning and I experienced this first hand.

The family member had been ill for awhile and had exhausted the mental and emotional bank of his family. Although seriously ill on arrival to the hospital, his requests for what seemed like silly things persisted in the ED. Throughout the execution of the high priority nursing interventions, IV fluid resuscitation, blood transfusions, antibiotics administration, Marian was able to balance the importance of these things with the patient’s request to have the TV channel changed, have his socks changed, etc. She did this in such a kind and compassionate manner that the patient was made to feel that his requests were really the most important thing to Marian. As a family member and a healthcare professional, I could see that these things really were on the priority list for Marian. Not once did she ever indicate to the patient that his requests weren't her priority. She proceeded with patience and understanding, completing her tasks and reassuring the patient that his needs would be met.

He died during his stay in the hospital. It was not expected. The fact that Marian was able to show kindness and patience, when I could no longer, even as a family member, brought a great sense of gratitude and comfort to me. To this day, it brings me solace and peace to know there was someone who cared and respected him as an individual. Marian provided extraordinary care and compassion to this patient and does so with each and every patient interaction that she has.