Margy Black

Margy Black, RN

Labor and Delivery
Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Yesterday at the reception desk, a family approached the desk and made an inquiry to me:
Do you know the name of the pretty nurse doing c-sections? She has silver hair and is wearing a pink polo? I informed them that I would go back and see.
“Her name is Margy”. (At which point they said, “that’s right!”)
This family went on to comment how amazing the birth of their newest family member and contributed it in a large part to the wonderful care that Margie had provided to their loved one.
They went on for the next bit saying how the birth of their infant was everything that they had hoped for (with the exception of a scheduled c-section). How Margy truly put them at ease about the procedure, how she was very kind to everyone in the room. She kept them well informed of what was about to happen and the doctor’s location.
“She was absolutely wonderful! Is she always this amazing? She must love her job!”
It thrills me to hear wonderful things like this about our nurses in Andrews and at Baylor All Saints. I am thrilled to work with Margy. And will hope you will consider her for the DAISY Award.