Margieline Astillero
December 2017
North Shore University Hospital
United States




For the past three days, I received excellent care from all the staff. Yet, I have to single out Margieline because she really went the extra mile. Every night she went through my medication adjustments with me.  She also continued encouraging me to stay positive about my outcome. Words alone are not enough to explain all she has done. Her knowledge in this field impressed me so much that I knew I was in good hands. As busy as nurses are these days, somehow, she found time to assist me to change my bed because the PCA was very busy as well. It showed a great example of the team player she is. Every night before she takes her break, she would introduce me to the covering duty nurse and pretty much give them a mini report on how my day was and what to look out for. She did an outstanding job and finally, through various medication adjustments, my pain was under control. I could not thank her enough. Thank you, Margieline, for a job well done.