Margie Divinity

Margie Divinity, RN

UMMC University Hospital

Margie Divinity is a very special nurse. The reason I am nominating her is because she took a patient outside in a wheelchair. This patient had been in a terrible car wreck, was in ICU and has been on this unit since. Not once had the patient been outside since she's been here. Almost a month cooped up in the room and in a hospital bed. But Margie took it upon herself to take the time to wheel the patient outside for 30 minutes with her family to enjoy some "fresh air."
I believe that's worthy of recognition especially on the 7am day shift. I think she deserves a DAISY Award for going above and beyond and the fact she'd only had the patient this one day. She did something small that made a big difference for the patient and the patient's father commented to me how much he appreciated it.
Now that's great nursing!!