Margaret Bloom

Margaret Bloom, RN, WCC

Visiting Nurse Association
Christiana Care Health System
Newark, Delaware
United States

Margie came to my home to treat my incision post open heart surgery. Learning too late that I was allergic to the biosyn stitches used, my wound reopened and requires packing daily. I am 35 years old with 2 young children, this medical nightmare has been traumatic and packing was the last straw. I was a wreck until Margie, as a wound specialist, came to see me. She knew to moisten the packing to minimize the pain and discomfort. She was gentle, empathetic, professional and patient. She listened, addressed my concerns and was not only successful in healing, closing the wound, but also relieving my anxiety. I am so grateful to her. She even treated me on her days off.

She made all the difference for me in a very emotional and difficult time. I will be an advocate of the visiting nurses program and her forever as a result.