Malox Base

Malox Base

Malox Base, RN

4 West CCU
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, California
United States

Malox Base is an outstanding coworker.  She has greatly impacted my time in CCU. Whenever I work with her, I can rest easy knowing that she’s got my back.  Her smile and great attitude carries the team.

Malox never stops working.  I swear she lives here.  She does RRT, breaks nurses, and picks up overtime shifts.  She carries herself with grace and is extremely humble.  Her skills as an ICU nurse are shown in emergencies, where she reacts calmly and relaxed.

There was a specific instance where I can remember that she got an admission, a cardiac arrest, and during admission another patient coded.  Malox was able to prioritize and lead us as a team.  I was frustrated and worried about the ROSC, but Malox alleviated our fears, letting us know the ROSC was safe for now.  We continued to code the patient while keeping a watchful eye over the admission.  By the end of the day, both of the patients had great outcomes.  I watched as Malox comforted the family after the code too!  I told myself that day, I want to be a great nurse like Malox.

Malox, I know you love poetry. So here it goes:

          Malox Base the nurse,

          Leading us and saving lives.

          You are my idol.