Maggie Lee

Maggie Lee, BSN, RN, CCRN

Advocate Christ Medical Center and Advocate Hope Children's Hospital -Oak Lawn
Oak Lawn, Illinois
United States

Nominating Maggie for just one award isn't enough. She deserves to be recognized for Compassion, Equality, Excellence, Partnership, Stewardship with the DAISY Award. Maggie is a PICU RN. I've had the pleasure working with her side by side in the PICU for many years. Each time I've worked with her, I've felt she is always on top of everything. Her clinical excellence, her compassion for her patients and family, working as a team closely with doctors, other nurses and respiratory therapists to make sure each of her patients are receiving the care they deserve are qualities that stand out to me. I have seen her many times take on leadership roles, missing lunches and also staying late to make sure her patients are taken care of with no hesitation.

A certain situation made me want to nominate her for her excellent care:

We were both caring for a patient who was so sick that at any given time the patient could pass. The whole family was with J, by his bedside praying and trying to figure out what was best for him. From the beginning of Maggie's shift to the end she made sure the parents and family were informed on everything from changes in J’s care to helping and bringing the family anything they needed. The patient ended up passing away peacefully in his mother’s arms. Thanks to Maggie, his family was very thankful for the wonderful care and concern she had for J. I heard the family thank her several times for all the support she had given them and for treating the patient and family with dignity and respect during their difficult time.

The loss of a patient is not only hard on the family but hard on healthcare workers as well. Maggie kept composed giving her healing hand at all times. Maggie never left the mother’s side unless it was to inform the doctor or to change a medication. She gave many encouraging words and also prayed with the family.

The care Maggie gave that night to J and his family was extraordinary! She went above and beyond to make this family comfortable. I truly believe in my heart that Maggie has a healing touch when it comes to patients and their families. Her kindness and excellent nursing skills shined that night and I'll never forget it!