Lynn Basco

Lynn Basco, RN

Surgery Center
Saint Vincent Hospital
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States

I am G's mom. G is 23-years-old and has Down's Syndrome. He went to the surgery center to have dental work done. G has limited verbal skills. He struggles with medical procedures and becomes quite nervous and agitated. Lynn was G's nurse in the pre-op rom. She was so caring and considerate with G. Lynn looked directly at G, spoke to him gently and affirmingly. Even with his limited communications skills, G was comforted by Lynn's presence. She recognized G's Pittsburgh Steelers towel and talked to him about his favorite football team.

My husband and I were also comforted and encouraged by Lynn and her ability to make a "connection" with G. We so appreciated the way Lynn treated G with such dignity and such care. What a blessing! Thank you, Lynn!