Lori Cdebaca

Lori Cdebaca, RN

Women's Health
North Fulton Hospital
Roswell, Georgia
United States

My husband and I lost our baby girl. I cannot impress how distressing this was for us and how heartbreaking. We were 16 weeks and her death was unexpected. I have been a nurse for 16 years. I was so grateful for all of the nurses in L&D. Their compassion and care of us is some of the best I have even seen and I have worked as a travel nurse all over the US. Being devout Baptists, I cannot tell you how moved we were that our religious needs were observed and how gracious the staff was. Our nurse Lori was a blessing from god to us. She prayed with us and loved us through such a difficult experience. Please, please acknowledge her, praise her and thank her for us. In such a grievous moment, care such as that should never go unrecognized. God bless all the staff,
we include all of you in our fervent prayers.