Lori Bahen

Lori Bahen

Lori Bahen, RN

Public Health Nurse
UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

I want to share a story of how Lori went above and beyond to assist a patient. An elderly gentleman had many many visits to the ER in RI in fact well over a hundred. Lori went to the ED and talked with the patient and identified that he had a mild form of dementia and that he came to the ER seeking companionship and human contact. Lori worked with him over a long period to help him decrease unnecessary ER visits. She offered to have him call her and set up a plan to have the ER call when he arrived. Ultimately she helped to develop a care plan for the patient and his ER visits have been reduced by 20-30 per year.

Lori goes out into the community and visits people in their homes, trailer parks, and even patients with no homes. She is a shining light of compassion and care especially for the weak and vulnerable. She pitches in to coordinate care and has had relentless focus on identifying those at risk for re-admission's, trying to help them proactively to reduce admissions.

She represents the heart and spirit of the DAISY Nurse.