Logan Brown

Logan Brown

Logan Brown, BSN, RN

Vidant Medical Center
Greenville, North Carolina
United States

Yesterday while at Lowe's in Winterville, Aaron Godwin and Logan Brown came across a lady who was down in the aisle. Aaron ran over to her and quickly noticed she was having slow respirations and a faint pulse. By the time he turned her over to see what was going on, she was without a pulse, so Aaron quickly started CPR and Logan went to find an AED. EMS came after about ten minutes and their monitors showed the patient was having a STEMI. After stabilizing her, she was transported to VMC.

The manager at Lowe's was so appreciative of their help and reaction time, he even gave them a discount on their purchase. Aaron works in the Emergency Department and Logan in SICU, so they are both accustomed to thinking on their feet and fantastic people to have on our team.

The lady is currently alive and being cared for in the CICU. Her son found Aaron at work tonight and hugged him and cried for about five minutes. It is so heartwarming to see our team members put their skills to work in the community.