Liza Carreiro

Liza Carreiro

Liza Carreiro, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Liza Carreiro, RN, went above and beyond in comforting a patient's family member who was frustrated and overwhelmed. A colleague took notice of Liza's remarkable nursing care that touched the life of a man whose wife was receiving cancer treatments. "Liza has bridged the gap, and made the impossible possible," her nominator wrote in the DAISY nomination letter.

The husband was discouraged by a lack of communication between his wife's' physicians. So Liza called the physicians on behalf of her patient and the patient's husband. She was then able to clear up some misunderstandings and provide the couple with a more clear picture of the treatment process.

Liza's nominator said she never lost her composure, acted very professional, and never showed a moment of dismay or irritability - all while still attending to her other patients' needs. "She exemplifies the great factors an RN should carry, is true to her patients, and is always there to give tender, loving care. She is very compassionate and broke the spell from what the family believed - that all RNs are like business people - do their tasks and move on. Liza proved them wrong and went above and beyond the call of duty."