Liz Wieselmann

Liz Wieselmann

Liz Wieselmann, RN

10LM-Neuro Medical
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

I am writing this to say I am recommending that Liz Wieselmann, RN on 10LM at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee-be a recipient of the DAISY Award. She is the most outstanding nurse and person I have ever met!

My husband has been a patient of Aurora many many times and each time he is brought to a floor-all the nurses, assistants and personnel are superb! Each time gets better! It’s hard to believe because they are all the best to begin with!

I am a retired LPN after 17 years with Aurora and have dealt with all kinds of care and treatment and know many ways Aurora has taught their employees in “making better ways”.

However, Liz goes above and beyond the highest in her profession!

She fully understood the concerns of the patient and his family and was always there for any of the patient’s needs (and believe me, my husband can be ugly at times). Liz always made sure she came into the room each and every time a physician came in. Since several different departments and physicians had procedures done and prognoses made, she made sure that all care was coordinated to the best for my husband and his family, as I at times did not feel they conferred with each other.

I cried to her and she fully understood. Any transaction that transpired after that came together in a manner as a team because of her!

She has such a way of professionalism with not only her co-workers but the patient’s family and especially the patient!

I have never seen my husband accept any procedure before, but this one he agreed to and with a smile knowing he is in the best of care here!