Liz Allen

Liz Allen

Liz Allen, RN, CCRN

Advanced Cardiac Care Clinic
Mission Hospital
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Liz was concerned about the emotional stability of the family.

From the first day that I entered the clinic until the process of my rehabilitation, Liz Allen was there. She was an integral part of my physical, educational and mental process of recovery. Liz constantly checked on my progress the entire twenty-one days I was there at Mission Hospital. Whether she was on duty or not, if there was anything that I needed, if it was in her powers, she would make it happen.

Liz’s professionalism supersedes anyone that I have ever had care for me. Her willingness to keep my family informed on every situation that came up during my recovery was most assuring to me and my family. The education she gave my family really helped them understand the process that they had to deal with.


Liz’s unwavering desire to make life much easier for my husband and my family made us very comfortable during these 21 days of recuperation and rehabilitation.  I would like to also commend her for the social skills she possessed in making arrangements for our stay at the Mission Rathbun House. The accommodation at the home was outstanding.  Liz is tenacious in her work and service. Her capabilities and skills are far beyond comprehension. She made the educational part of training families easy to understand and helped us cope with the changes that take place with this surgery.

As a spouse, it was a little frustrating and complicated for me to understand all the emotional changes we would have with this surgery; but, Liz made it easy to accept and understand. In addition, the fact that she was also concerned about the emotional stability of the family was exceptional.

She was concerned enough to mention that the spouse needs a break and needed to go to her physical home and get some rest. I thank God for her advice and encouragement. This time away caused me to focus and accept the situation at hand.

The most striking point in this situation is that Liz expressed and showed a spirit of caring which was not short-lived but continues from day to day. Thank God for that type of spirit in the medical filed. The medical team at Mission Hospital is blessed and far exceeds my expectation for such caring nurses and doctors in the Cardiac field.