Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN

Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Miami, Florida
United States

Lisa is an Exceptional nurse. Lisa has many wonderful attributes that make her an amazing nurse. Lisa is intelligent, caring, empathetic, and helpful. Lisa not only brings her years of experiences and knowledge, but also her wit and sense of humor. Lisa is passionate with her care. She is full of spirit and energy. Lisa cares for her babies meticulously and is a great advocate for her babies. Parents love her because she is very knowledgeable and she earns their trust through dedication and honesty.

This past weekend, she was amazing!!! Lisa along with our remarkable team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist and staff coordinated an exceptional End of Life Experience for the parents of Baby Boy who in a very short time touched many lives.

From the moment the parents arrived on Saturday morning, Lisa delicately, patiently, and in a professional manner, addressed their concerns and wishes. Lisa assisted the Mom as she gave the baby a peaceful bath. Being physically present and able to participate in the care of their infant was extremely important in the experience of anticipatory mourning. Active participation in the care of their infant fostered a sense of control and facilitated preparation for the event of death. You could tell the parents were so appreciative of Lisa's compassion and dedication. Once they had finished and dressed the baby, the Mom was given the baby to hold for the very first time since Baby was taken from her immediately at birth.

Lisa along with our team of doctors (Dr. Diaz, Dr. Acosta), our clinical coordinator and the NICU Respiratory technician on duty transported the Mom in wheelchair holding baby. The parents were very grateful to Lisa and the group of doctors for their dedication and empathy.

Lisa gave them time and their privacy, but also would check on them periodically giving support. Lisa gave the family a bereavement box filled with their infant's foot prints which she had obtained before they arrived that day and baby's hair locks.

It was a sad day in our unit, but we all came together as a Team for a little baby boy and his parents. I am very proud to work with remarkable people who genuinely give astonishing care in our NICU .