Lisa Waite

Lisa Waite

Lisa Waite, RN

3JPW Surgical Oncology
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States

This DAISY award presentation to Lisa Waite, RN, 3JPW. was one of the most meaningful presentations to date. Not only did the nominator, a previous patient of Lisa's, attend, but also many colleagues from around the hospital who've worked with her over the years. The nursing station was packed full of well-wishers for Lisa who's been a nurse at UI Hospitals and Clinics for more than 26 years. The nomination was very uplifting, as follows:

...I was admitted for gallbladder surgery. Earlier, I had also been in for an ERCP. Both my mother and I were amazed at the doctors and nursing staff. They were all attentive, informative, caring, compassionate, kind people. I felt comfortable and safe in their hands.

But there was one nurse who stood out among the rest during my recent stay, Lisa Waite. My mom left for her hotel around 9 p.m., but with Lisa there, I felt like my mom never left. She stayed by my side and was immediately there if I needed anything. At one point in the night, I was in a reasonable amount of pain. After tending to my medicine and calling the doctor, Lisa pulled up a chair and sat next to my bed, talking to me until I drifted off again. She also helped me in and out of the bathroom very discreetly and professionally. When I felt sick, she had the cup ready. I was sad when she left at the end of her shift, and I need you all to know that I had my own angel that night. She was truly a blessing to me and to the nursing staff. I will be back again, and if I have to stay overnight, I really hope I can be cared for by Lisa because she was just amazing.