Lisa Sellers

Lisa Sellers

Lisa Sellers, BSN, RN

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Charles George VA Medical Center
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Had I not met Lisa Sellers that day I would have never had the colonoscopy and would have died.

A Veteran, Mr. B, was recovering from his colonoscopy recently in the PACU. He was having this procedure done for surveillance after a previous colectomy surgery. Across the unit, he noticed one of the other recovery room nurses, Lisa Sellers. He said, “That woman right there saved my life!” Mr. B went on to elaborate on his statement.

He said that a few months ago, he brought his friend up to this VA to have a colonoscopy and he was going to be his designated driver for that day. In Day Surgery, Lisa Sellers was his friend’s nurse getting him ready for his procedure. In small talk, Mr. B said that Lisa inquired if he too was a Veteran and did he receive his care here. He said he was and she asked his age and if he had a colonoscopy before. Mr. B said he was 67 and had never had a colonoscopy before and didn’t plan on it either. She said well, “You’re 17 years too late!” She then went on to educate and inform both Veterans of the importance of colonoscopies in the surveillance and prevention of colon cancers. She gave Mr. B information about scheduling a colonoscopy with his primary care doctor.

Mr. B followed her recommendation and scheduled his first ever colonoscopy. His results warranted further diagnostic studies and they then confirmed colon cancer. He was scheduled for surgery to remove the mass today and he states he is doing amazingly well.

Mr. B said he knows for certain that if he had not met Lisa Sellers that day he would have never had the colonoscopy and he would have died. He stated, “It was the Lord’s work that I brought my friend to the VA that day and I met that wonderful nurse who cared enough about me and my health to educate me on the importance of this procedure and she saved my life!”

This is just one special example of the work Lisa does to improve the health and lives of our Veterans by promoting the Veteran’s optimal level of wellness. She is a wonderful asset to the PACU and the VA as a whole. She cares deeply about ensuring all Veterans receive the excellent care they deserve.