Lisa Hardy

Lisa Hardy, RNC

Mother Infant
Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center (VA)
Midlothian, Virginia
United States

On the morning of September 17 the Mother Infant Unit was a busy place to be working. Lisa Hardy RN was providing excellent care to her patients as she always does. Lisa was in the middle of obtaining infant labs when her husband called the unit to talk to her. Lisa was not going to take the call immediately but then was reminded by her co-workers that her husband never calls her at work and she should probably take the call. Unfortunately, the call was not happy news. The water hose connected to her washing machine, located on the 2nd floor of her home, had burst and the entire interior of her home was destroyed. Upon receiving this news Lisa told her husband that she could not leave work at that time because the unit was very busy. Lisa asked her husband to continue to keep her informed of the status of the house and she would be home when her shift was over.
Lisa continued to work through her 12 hour shift and greeted her patients with her famous warm, glowing smile. Never once did she let on to her patients that she had just experienced a personal trial. I knew of Lisa’s situation and her amazing spirit and knew that Lisa was “DAISY worthy”.
Lisa has been with MIU for almost 7 years and comes into work every morning with a smile on her face and a famous recognizable laugh. Lisa is compassionate and caring and universally Lisa’s patients love her. Lisa provides world class care to those she serves. I do not know many people that would have received such devastating news and continued to work to provide excellent care for her patients and excellent support to her co-workers. On top of all of the events of the week that ensued, Lisa sat for her Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification exam on September 21. What a week Lisa experienced! Lisa not only exhibits what the DAISY Award is about but also exhibits what World Class really means.